One-on-One Sessions

Maybe you have the perfect idea for a podcast but you’re not sure how to get started. Maybe you already have a podcast but need some extra ideas for marketing, tools, or techniques. Sometimes it’s nice to have a pro at your disposal.

Corporate Training

Are you ready to give your team a crash course in podcasting? Schedule a private group training event for your team to learn how to add podcasting to your brand strategy and accelerate your content marketing strategy.

About Aaron

Where Sound meets Storytelling

Aaron’s career in broadcasting began at age 8 when he began reading Public Service Announcement’s over the air on his father’s radio show. At around the same time, Aaron declared his collegiate major of Creative Writing after discovering his love of writing short stories during Language Arts in the second grade.

Since those early beginnings, Aaron has continued on in both sound and storytelling through his studies of Creative Writing and Audio Technology at Western Washington University and founding Seattle Podcast Company, a podcast production and marketing agency for brands and organizations.

The name Aaron means Teacher and Aaron lives up to his name with a love of guiding and empowering others towards new skills and ideas with genuine enthusiasm and a natural curiosity. Aaron always seems to find himself teaching in classrooms for people from all walks of life; all ages, life experience, and skill levels.

Aaron has a knack for the nuts and bolts of audio content, both technical and creative, making podcasts and Aaron a PERFECT fit.


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